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Monday, March 19, 2012

Vocabulary 2: The 20 Most Common Nouns in Igbo

Here's a list of the twenty most common nouns in Igbo. These are words that you hear every day, so learn them quickly and you'll be eavesdropping on Igbo conversations in no time.

# Noun Tone Meaning Listen
1. Madụ HIGH-LOW Person / People Madụ
2. Nwa HIGH Baby / Child Nwa
3. Ụzọ HIGH-LOW Way / Path / Road Ụzọ
4. Ifẹ HIGH-HIGH Thing Ifẹ
5. Nwoke HIGH-MID Man Nwoke
6. Nwaanyi MID-LOW Woman Nwaanyi
7. Anya HIGH-HIGH Eye Anya
8. Aka HIGH-HIGH Hand Aka
9. Nni HIGH-HIGH Food Nni
10. Mili HIGH-MID Water Mili
11. Ẹbẹ HIGH-HIGH Place Ẹbẹ
12. Ndụ HIGH-LOW Life Ndụ
13. Arọ HIGH-LOW Year Arọ
14. Ọlụ HIGH-HIGH Work Ọlụ
15. Akwa HIGH-LOW Clothes / Cloth / Fabric Akwa
16. Nsogbu HIGH-LOW-MID Trouble / Problem Nsogbu
17. Afia HIGH-HIGH Market Afia
18. Ụnọ HIGH-LOW Building / House Ụnọ
19. Bẹ HIGH Home  Bẹ
20. Ọnụ HIGH-HIGH Mouth Ọnụ

Practically 70% of all Igbo spoken involves these nouns in some way, shape, or form. You can't go wrong learning these to start with.

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