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Friday, March 9, 2012

Grammar 2: The Infinitive

The Igbo Infinitive is a verb form representing 'to + any action'.

In Igbo, The Infinitive is formed by adding any verb root to the suffix " i " (pronounced ee - high toned).

Igbo Infinitive =  i + Verb Root

For instance, the infinitive of the verb root bia would be Ibia ( i + bia ).

Below is a list of verb roots and their infinitive forms showing how to form the Infinitive.

Verb Root Infinitive Meaning Listen
Bia Ibia To Come Ibia
Wẹ Iwẹ To Have, To Get, To Take
Mẹ Imẹ To Do, To Make
Si Isi To Say
Jẹ Ijẹ To Go
Ma Ima To Know
Nyẹ Inyẹ To Give
Chẹ Ichẹ To Think
Nẹ Inẹ To Look
Fụ Ifụ To See
Jụ Ijụ To Ask, To Refuse

Now you know how to form the Infinitive. It's really really easy. Whenever you want to say "To do something" you just add the infinitive marker "i" to the verb root!

"i" (infinitive marker) + "chẹ" (verb root meaning 'Think')



(To think)

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